Great nectar!

Ecotourism in Sarzeau : your "green" holiday in southern Brittany !

Discover the campsite's tools to preserve and protect the environment.

The Camping*** Les Genêts in Sarzeau in the Morbihan guarantee that you are staying in an environmentally friendly campsite for your holiday in southern Brittany.

Let's try to be eco-friendly during our holidays...

We strive daily to respect the environment but we are aware that a lot of effort is still to be made if we want to leave a better planet for our children. It is important for us all to be an "eco-citizen" on holiday too. During the summer, we organise two weeks on sustainable development with activities to arouse awareness for a better quality of life.

We are at your disposal to inform you about the products, means and techniques we use. Have a great holiday "Vakañsoù mat deoc'h" and take time to contemplate the splendid nature surrounding you!



Recycling bins are at your disposal at the campsite entrance. We recycle paper, plastic packaging and glass (glass container at 70 m from the campsite). We also have a compost pile on…
Save the planet

Energy saving measures

Since several years, we use low consumption lightbulbs and time switches throughout the campsite. The mobile homes have good insulation and energy saving devices. Simple gestures: turn off…
Water gestion

Water economy measures

We all know how precious water is. Let's not forget that to make water drinkable, chemical products are used, and waste water is treated. That is why we have installed water regulators…
Camping Les Genêts ***

Use of chemical products

We do not use any chemical products on the campsite. Weeding is done manually and hedges are cut with electric equipments. Automatic proportioning of pool products to avoid overconsumption. …
Olivier's apiary

Olivier's apiary

Bees are main elements of the biodiversity. 85% of flowers depend a lot on the pollinating insects such as the bee. To contribute to the preservation of the ecosystem, several hives have…