Bees are main elements of the biodiversity. 85% of flowers depend a lot on the pollinating insects such as the bee.

To contribute to the preservation of the ecosystem, several hives have been implanted of the camping Les Genêts.

At the end of the season, you will discover the taste of our "home-made" honey. This honey is made with all kinds of flowers of the south of Morbihan.

A little step, a huge battle !

The little story of the bee.


It all starts with an egg that hatches in a cell. It turns into a larva. It is nourished with royal jelly, honey and pollen. Its organs develop and the bee reaches adulthood. She is ready to work.


A well-organized company, distinct trades: in the hive, there is a single queen, female workers, males, and a brood. The brood is made up of eggs, larvae and pupae. The bee becomes in turn, cleaner, nurturer, builder, storekeeper, ventilator, security guard, forager.


Did you know?


  • A swarm is made up of 30 to 70,000 individuals, but in winter there are only 6,000 bees.
  • 100g of wax cell is 8000h of work
  • A bee travels 25 kms per day to collect 0.5g of nectar
  • 1500 flowers = 2cg of nectar
  • Pollen is a nutritional bomb, proteins and vitamins


There you have it, you know more about the life of this little animal, king of pollinators!