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Your wellness holiday!

To feel relax while you are on holidays at Les Genêts campsite ...


Enjoy a moment of wellness with Julia who will be available from 9.30am to 8pm. Please take an appointment at the reception

  •     In Mai Saturday 28
  •     In June, Wednesday mornings of 22 and 29
  •     From July 1st to August 26th: ​​every Monday and Wednesday
  •     In September, Wednesday mornings of the 7


Reservations and information at the campsite reception.



What is osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a completely manual therapy, based on the anatomy and physiology of the human body. This treatment searches for the cause of all kinds of pains, all through the body. That is why a pratician will also check your skull or backbone when your ankle hurts….

For the treatment, an osteopath may use different techniques: cranial, visceral, structural ("cracking") and fascial. It doesn't just concern a treatment for the bones! The word osteopathy comes from the Greek word "osteos" (bone) and "pathos" (suffering, emotions, pain). Osteopathy concerns the bones but also the neighbouring structures like muscles, ligaments, organs …. When these modifications are caused by a mechanical trouble.

In case of illness, it should be reminded that this therapy does not replace a general medical treatment. In some cases, an osteopathical treatment can bring comfort and less pain, but it doesn't take away a medically recognised illness.


  • Price per treatment: 50€.
  • For children and students: 40€



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