Beach St Jacques - Sarzeau - Bretagne Sud - presqu'ile de Rhuys

Beaches in Sarzeau

Enjoy the fine sand beaches of Sarzeau. You'll be charmed by the coast of the Morbihan: from the Gulf to the ocean, a total change of scenery from one beach to another!  
Vannes, city of art & history in Morbihan

Vannes, town of art and history

During your camping holiday, make sure you visit Vannes, a Town of Art and History.  Vannes is steeped in history and culture. There are a choice of visits for you and your family to enjoy…


Discover Belle-Ile-en-Mer, one of the beautiful Ponant islands. After a short boat trip, discover the unique architectural heritage and breathtaking scenery. Leave from Port-Navalo and take…
Rhuys Peninsula

Rhuys peninsula

The Rhuys peninsula,  between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Morbihan, has all the assets for a pleasant stay in south Brittany...
The megaliths: the Caesar hill, the Petit Mont,… All this on the Rhuys Peninsula

Megaliths in the Morbihan

Look for the traces of the Celts and visit the many megalithic sites in the Morbihan:  Cairn du Petit Mont  and Butte César in Arzon, the  Table des Marchands  in…