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The Traveler's Charter


Behind the charter...an invitation: LET'S TRAVEL TOGETHER.


Behind the charter… an approach: what is it for, why, what is at stake? …



On this marine, urban, peasant territory, it is rumored that:


  •     Travelers don't count for nothing.
  •     The coast is wilder than the inhabitants.
  •     We receive waves of emotions, even in the middle of a storm.
  •     We engrave each moment in our memory, not on stone.
  •     We pick up our waste because it's not the sea to drink.
  •     We consume local as naturally as we savor a pancake.
  •     We gladly put down the bolée to dance at the fest-noz.
  •     We contemplate the ballets of egrets on tiptoe.
  •     We find our freedom without escaping the hiking trails.

The encounter with the exceptional is shared with pride.


Download  the charter and be an actor of change as we have been for 15 years at the campsite.


The whole team at Les Genêts campsite welcomes you to Morbihan.


Degemer Mat!


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